I’m Alex K. Worley, the co-founder and one of the main creators of the aquarium and fish care guides on Fishparlor.

I grew up in Georgia but I live in Kent, Washington. My aquarium and fishkeeping hobby started in 1995 when I was just 9 years old. My dad adopted and brought home three guppies that were displaced following the closure of Georgia Pacific’s paper mill in Calhoun, Georgia, that year. I began to look after the fish and learned a lot from the pet store guy who came home on a weekly basis to check the aquarium’s chemistry, cycle the tank, and replenish the fish’s food.

Alex K Worley, Author, Fishparlor

My work during that year was mostly to stare at the fish in awe and feed them the pellets strictly per my instructions. A few years later, I’d learned a lot of skills and started a bigger community tank with multiple species of fish and snails in it.

Today, I help aquarium hobbyists care for their fish and maintain their aquariums through volunteered free consultations and paid maintenance visits.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture from Andrew College in Georgia, and I spend a lot of my time gardening, tending to my ecosystem fish pond (thanks to Waterscapes Northwest in Kent, WA), and tending to my two aquariums.

I write aquarium fish care guides on Fishparlor to share the knowledge and experiences I’ve gathered in the hobby for over 28 years.

PS: I became a Certified Master Gardener in 2019 and having also volunteered as a gardener and plant care expert at the Outback Nursery in Baxley, Appling County, Georgia in 2011, I grew my love for gardening. I share this knowledge on a website that I own, Gardenine. If you’re a fan of houseplants and backyard gardening, you can check out my articles there.

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What You’ll Find on Fishparlor

On this website, I share my knowledge, experiences, and expert tips to help both experienced and beginner aquarists start and maintain their aquariums successfully (without killing fish).

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