Hi, I’m an experienced author and content creator with over 18 years of experience as a publisher. Growing up in rural areas of Bristol, FL, I developed an interest in fish farming, pest control, and poultry keeping. Farming is a main activity in the area, and since pests are always part of our major setbacks, I had to learn how to get rid of them with simple DIYs. 

After my undergraduate studies in biology at the University of Florida, Our parents moved to Africa, where I joined them. I developed a passion for solving different problems that farmers face daily. This included a detailed understanding of the aquatic ecosystem, poultry farming, and pest control in the respective areas.

As a result, I decided to give back to the community by providing free care guides in the respective areas. I have published numerous research papers and articles on fish keeping, poultry farming, and free pest control solutions while sharing my insights and expertise with fellow scientists and industry professionals.

Some of my publications can be found on the following sites:

  1. pestweek.com
  2. poultrylane.com

I have also done several publications and consultations for other sites based on how and what we agree on. Currently, I work as a consultant in various fish and poultry farms worldwide, tackling their major problems like pest control and overall well-being in the respective fields.

In addition to my writing and consulting work, I’m an active member of several professional organizations, including the World Aquaculture Society and the American Fisheries Society. I frequently participate in industry conferences and events, sharing my knowledge and insights with fellow professionals in the field.

Overall, my passion and expertise have transformed me into one of the most reliable consultants over the years. I believe that my contributions to the field will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of sustainable aquaculture for years to come.

You can contact me directly at odifelix@yahoo.com / Instagram / Pinterest / Linkedin /

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