The albino mystery snail (Pomacea bridgesii) is known for its lack of skin pigmentation, leaving it predominantly white. It is from this lack of pigment that the snail is called “albino” yet its shell appears striped with colors of some sort.

Most shells of albino snails are striped with different shades of brown, yellow, or white. However, the shell coloration is not a consideration in naming the snail.

Pictures of Albino Mystery Snails
Pictures of Albino Mystery Snails

They are special snails because of their pompous and colorful looks that light up an aquarium but that’s not all.

Mystery snails eat algae in aquariums, which makes them beneficial.

How to take care of albino mystery snails

Temperature68° – 84° F
Water hardness150—300 ppm
DietLeftover fish food; blanched veges, etc.
TankmatesNerite snails, tetras, cory catfish, 
Lifespan1 year

A well-maintained aquarium is enough to keep albino snails happy. These snails don’t have many requirements to remain healthy. Here are the care requirements to consider:

Calcium needs

Note that albino mystery snails require substantial calcium levels to help with shell hardening.

Therefore, I advise that you buy a calcium test kit and a KH test kit. This will help maintain the optimal water calcium levels in an aquarium.

You’ll know your snail has calcium deficiency if the shells are thin and cracking.

Water pH

Albino mystery snails prefer a water pH range of 6.5 to 7.5.

You must also be careful with the pH of the water, as a slight imbalance might deter the optimal growth of the snails.


The ideal temperature for albino mystery snails is 68° – 84° F.

Tank size

Mystery snails can live in nano tanks. The ideal tank size for albino mystery snails is 5 gallons but if you have plenty of aquarium plants and tank mates, you can increase the tank size to keep them happy.


Albino mystery snails are scavengers and will eat any leftover fish food in the aquarium. They also feed on algae, decaying plant matter, and biofilm found on aquarium surfaces.

You can feed your mystery snail a diet of blanched vegetables such as zucchini, spinach, lettuce, and kale.


The lifespan of albino mystery snails is 1 year but the snail can live a little bit longer if kept in a well-maintained aquarium.

In case your snail dies, remove it from the aquarium because dead, rotting snails can cause ammonia contamination in an aquarium.

Therefore, important to know if your snails are still alive or dead. The snail’s shells can shade if the snail is dead or when the water is too acidic for them.

Use a fishnet to clean the aquarium of dead snails. Dead snails often remain motionless and may float endlessly. Some dead snails may remain at the bottom of the aquarium tank in an upside-down position and may swell out of their shells.

Tank mates

  • Tetras
  • Killifish
  • Cory catfish
  • Nerite snails
  • Red cherry shrimp

Character and temperament

The albino mystery snail is docile compared to many other aquarium snails. It can stay for long durations in water before coming to the surface to catch its breath.

The snail can also remain motionless for long periods and mostly comes out to feed at night.

In captivity, the snail can be very active during the day, as in the case of being in a lit aquarium.

Are albino snails delicate?

The albino mystery snail is resilient and can easily recover from some of the worst cases. However, the albino mystery snail depends on water to remain hydrated and maintain its bodily functions. 

Take serious precautions with salt if you have albino mystery snails. Salt drains out all the water in the snail’s body through osmosis. Despite being abundant in most homes, it is one of the fastest snail killers.

Young albino mystery snails might be delicate because of various factors. For instance, their shells are relatively weaker than adult snails, leaving them vulnerable to predation.

Also, they are quite small and can be easily swallowed by other creatures sharing their habitat. 

For this reason, consider less aggressive fish species if you must keep your albino mystery snails with fish in the same aquarium.

Albino mystery snails, being freshwater snails, are more sensitive to toxins. For instance, plant fertilizers may negatively affect your albino mystery snails. It is advisable not to use plant fertilizers in your aquarium if you have these snails.

The water ceases being fresh with the introduction of such chemicals in it. You must also avoid tank treatment chemicals in the presence of these beautiful creatures. 

Like all other freshwater snails, albino mystery snails are highly sensitive to copper, so avoid tap water as it is often contaminated with metal.

The snails often get attracted to the filter intakes when searching for food, which is dangerous to them. They are bound to get stuck in the filters and drown to death. Ensure that you use a sponge to block the filters to avoid snails getting stuck in them. 

When a snail is stuck in the filter intake, switch off the filter and allow it to free itself. It is not advisable to pull it out manually as you are likely to injure the snail.

How big do albino mystery snails get?

Albino mystery snails are one of the largest freshwater snails and grow to about 2 inches big. The full size is determined when the snail is fully stretched.

The snails grow proportionately to their shells.

The female albino mystery snail often grows bigger than a male of the same age. The reason for the size difference is not yet established, but scientists attribute it to genetic characterization.


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