10 Best Platy Tank Mates: Best & Worst Fish to Keep with Platies

Deciding on the best fish tank mates can be challenging. You have to consider the temperament,  ecological requirements, and behaviors of the fish to be kept as mates.

Platies are friendly and do well with fish similar in size and temperament such as neon tetras, molly fish, guppies, endlers, swordtails, betta fish, zebra danio, rosy tetras, rummy nose tetras, and minnows. Avoid goldfish, cherry shrimp, cichlids, barbs, plecos, angelfish, rainbowfish, and oscars.

Unlike most fish, platies withstand a high pH range of 6.8-8.5 and a temperature within 70 to 82°F (They may or may not need a heater depending on the room conditions).

You should be careful when deciding on the best platy tank mates. Luckily, this post identifies the 10 best and worst platy tank mates.

Best Platy Fish Tank Mates

Best Platy Fish Tank Mates

The best fish types to keep with platies include the following:

Best platy fish tank matesWorst platy fish tank mates
Neon tetrasGoldfish 
Molly fishCherry shrimp
Guppy fishCichlids 
Endlers Barbs 
Swordtails Plecos
Betta fishAngelfish 
Zebra danioRainbowfish 
Rosy tetrasLoaches
Rummy nose tetrasOscars 
MinnowsCorydoras catfish

1. Neon Tetras

Neon tetras are small but lively fish with an attractive crystalline body composed of green, metallic blue, and red colors.

These fish grow to a small average size of 1.5 inches. However, despite their small size, they require a giant fish tank since they’re school fish that love staying in groups of 15.

A 20-gallon fish tank filled with aquarium plants is perfect for platies since they enjoy the highest time swimming at the center of the tank.

In addition, they’re non-violent fish which makes them an awesome tank mate for your platies. Tetras can even live with goldfish without issues.

2. Molly Fish

Molly fish are suitable fish for beginner aquarium hobbyists. They have a diversified habitat range that includes brackish waters and freshwater.

These fish have an extended body that can go up to 4 inches. Further, they should be kept in a spacious aquarium coupled with aquarium plants since they love feeding on algae that grow on these plants.

Molly fish don’t withstand unexpected temperature changes. Thus, they shouldn’t be kept in crowded and small-sized fish tanks.

In addition, they’re calm and lively fish that breed uncontrollably when opposite genders are kept in the same fish tank. These fish will smoothly blend with platies in your fish tank and make the best mates. Molly and platy fish even have some similarities which further increases their compatibility.

3. Guppy Fish

Guppies and platies survive well when kept in the same fish tank. They have similar water requirements, are both viviparous, and enjoy living in a planted fish tank.

Guppies’ physical traits are very impressive. They show flowing fins and beautiful colors and are smaller-sized compared to platies.

Guppies are well-known for controlling mosquitoes in places of high mosquito invasion. In fact, they’re used as a natural control method of getting rid of mosquitoes within an area.

In addition to breeding habits and water requirements, guppies are omnivorous like platies, making them suitable tank mates.

4. Endlers

Endler fish are also suitable tank mates for platies. Further, they easily crossbreed with platies. In addition, endlers are active fish that enjoy living in fish tanks fitted with thick plants. Also, they’re schooling fish that should be kept with several multiple fish at once.

Most breeds of endlers have a metallic green color matched with multiple color variations that include blue, yellow, red, and purple.

Endlers are also easy to feed and keep since they accept various foods. Notably, they are peaceful fish, making them good tank mates for different freshwater fish, including platies, mollies, and guppies. Therefore, they’re among the best platy tank mates.

5. Swordtails

Swordtails have a sword-shaped tail and a captivating sight and come in different color variations. These fish’ bodies can grow up to 4-5 inches depending on various tank conditions. 

Based on temperament, they can likely be as good or as bad. Some breeds are aggressive, while others are timid and peaceful. Aggressive strains appear to be too aggressive towards male fish of their kind.

Beginner aquarists like keeping swordtails due to their attractive colors, odd shape, and minimum keeping requirements. On the other hand, breeders try to breed swordtails with platies.

If you’re aiming to keep swordtails with platies, limit the number of swordtail males and keep them in a planted water tank to deter any aggression.

6. Betta Fish

Platies and bettas easily match up in the same fish tank due to their similar water requirements. However, their characteristics slightly differ based on behavioral and stocking issues. Bettas are well-known territorial fish that get into a fight with other fish with similar physical traits and males of their kind.

Platies are so dissimilar to bettas and don’t display aggressive behavior characteristics. However, carefully watch out in the tank since fin-nipping may occur.

Also, avoid keeping multiple betta males in a similar tank and ensure you’re accountable for the fact that platies are omnivores while bettas are carnivores.

7. Zebra Danio

Zebra Danio fish are a good selection for platy fish tank mates. This is because platies have short fins that zebra danios may not quickly nip at.

Zebra Danios are active fish that spend significant time within the upper levels of the water column. Also, they’re always ready to adventure in other corners of the aquarium away from the platies. 

They have an incredible appetite and prefer feeding on invertebrates and vegetable matter. They’re also easy to keep and a good option for beginner aquarists.

8. Rosy Tetras

Rosy tetras have a salmon-colored body, are peaceful, and are fairly hardy fish. These fish should be kept within groups of 6 to make them feel comfortable and develop attractive colors with more ease. 

Rosy tetras easily attain 1.6 inches in size and feel happy in a fish tank fitted with aquarium plants that offer sufficient open swimming space.

These fish should be kept with small-sized non-aggressive fish that won’t bully them – platies meet all these requirements. Thus, rosy tetras are good tank mates for platy fish.

9. Rummy Nose Tetras

Rummy nose tetras have a distinctive feature of a bright red spot and white-black stripes on their tails. Also, their peaceful temper makes them a suitable tank mate for freshwater fish like platy fish. 

These fish should be kept in a minimum-size tank of 25 gallons in a school of at least 7 fish. Also, they’re omnivorous, which makes them flourish on a diversified diet.

These fish are susceptible to high nitrate and ammonia levels. Thus, ensure an extra filter in your fish tank when keeping these fish with platies.

10. Minnows

Minnows are small-sized fish with a peaceful temperament. Thus, a good option for platy tank mates. Typically, minnows are less impressive based on colors and physical characteristics. However, selective breeding has brought up more fascinating specimens that display multiple color variations, such as White Cloud Mountain Minnow, which has a red spatter on its body and fins.

Minnows come from mountain stream regions. Thus, they enjoy colder temperatures that may be unsuitable for platies. Therefore, ensure you choose minnows with the exact temperature requirements as platies during your selection.

Apart from my suggestions, you can also try other peaceful tank mates such as Bolivian rams.

Worst Platy Fish Tank Mates

Some of the fish that shouldn’t be kept with platies include:

1. Goldfish

Goldfish won’t make good mates for platies. They have entirely different water requirements. Plus, platies’ high temperament may be unsuitable for goldfish.

2. Cherry Shrimp

Cherry shrimp are small-sized fish that appear helpless to platies and other fish. Also, they have a bright red color and a peculiar nature that makes them easily preyed on by other fish.

3. Cichlids

Typically, cichlids are aggressive and will contribute to fateful accidents to platies. Most cichlids breeds will kill your platies in no time. This is except for Ram Cichlids, which are less aggressive.

4. Barbs

Barbs are well-known fin nippers. Rosy barbs, Tiger barbs, Denison barbs, and Gold barbs will easily catch your platies and tear their fins. In addition, they are too stressful to live with other fish species. Therefore, it is not advisable to keep barb fish with other fish species.

5. Plecos

Plecos are large-sized fish that can grow up to 15 inches long. They’re heavy feeders that can feed on plants in your aquarium within one day. Also, they have an aggressive temperament that makes them easily fight other fish, including your platies.

6. Angelfish

Though they appear attractive, angelfish should not be kept with guppies or platies. Their aggressive nature makes them quickly kill platies by nipping at their fins and gills.

If you keep them together, you’ll often find your platies missing.

7. Rainbowfish

Rainbowfish are fairly large-sized and aggressive. Thus, they easily chase and eat smaller fish, including your precious platy. Therefore, they aren’t a suitable species to add to your platy tank.

8. Loaches

Loaches are also aggressive fish species that will chase down other fish in a tank and eat them or rip off their fins when closer. Therefore, when added to your platy fish tank, they will easily bite them and cause severe injuries. This makes an unsuitable species to mix with your platies.

9. Oscars

Oscars are a popular choice for aquarists. They are well-known for their striking appearance and large size of 12 inches. However, they’re too territorial and will attack any fish in their aquarium, including your valuable platyfish. Taking care of oscars is quite easy but mostly when they’re on their own.

10. Corydoras Catfish

Corydoras catfish have sharp teeth that easily hurt other fish in an aquarium. Also, they are carnivores, while platies are omnivorous. Thus, they are unsuitable mates for your platies in the aquarium.

Blend Your Platies in the Tank by Adding Best Mates!

Some fish species are peaceful and have similar ecological and food requirements to platy fish. This makes them suitable mates for platies in the tank. Others are more aggressive and cause harm to platies in your aquarium. 

Such fish are unsuitable platy tank mates. Thus, you should be careful when choosing tank mates for your platies. Thankfully, you can easily blend your platies in the tank by adding the best platy tank mates.

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