All fish have their preferences when it comes to matters of light. Television screens emit light in different spectrums and color depth variations. Some fish prefer light, while others find it irritating. For such matters, you will notice fishes like yoyo loaches excited during the day. Yoyo loaches are attracted to light, and a TV placed near their tank will not bother them.

Generally, fish do not like watching TV because they are not intelligent like us. However, the light from the TV can excite them; thus, they may look like they are watching. Therefore, a TV can entertain your fish but do not keep the sound since the vibrations can stress them. 

Some species, like the gourami, prefer a densely planted environment to help them hide in well-lit areas. It is right to say that the light from a TV set will bother gourami.

There is also a likelihood that a combination of the sound from a TV and the light creates more stress on gourami. Thus, it is fair to keep a gourami tank in a relatively dark and quiet corner to reduce the stress levels emanating from the TV.

Do fish find TV enjoyable?

Yoyo loaches are some of the most jovial fish. They like to bounce like yoyos inside the tank. It is easy to notice if they are excited when close to a TV.

Sometimes, they can be glued to the television in a manner that suggests they are watching. This behavior is more apparent if you have several loaches in your tank and notice them all facing the direction of the television screen.

It is important to note that aquarium fish often get acquainted with their environments, including whatever they see beyond the glass. Any changes in the environment often trigger reactions in the fish. Some are bowl fish but even in a bowl, they’ll behave similarly.

Turning on the TV is one such alteration, and it is easy to notice the reactions it will cause. They probably enjoy watching if they do not run to hide. However, if they hide away, then it is a bother to them.

Consider moving the tank to another room or turning the TV set away from the tank in such a case.

Does TV bother fish?

TV can bother fish in various ways. For instance, the light from the television can irritate fish that prefer darker areas. Some are also hunters and may find the light bothering them as they may be used to exploiting the darkness in their hunting expeditions.

Also, fish use their lateral line organs in geolocation and sensing vibrations in the water. The lateral line helps the fish determine whether predators or prey are around them using vibrations. Sounds from the TV set cause vibrations that hit the tank and move to the water.

Introducing noise from the TV may bother fish, especially if they are the kind that is scared of their predators. It also becomes difficult for the hunting fish to pick out the right vibration frequencies generated by their prey.

The understanding is that televisions will interfere not only with the fish’s safety but also with their feeding habits, especially if they are natural hunters.

However, there are fish that may not seem bothered by television. Some even enjoy watching television each time it is turned on.

What do fish like to watch on TV?

Establishing whatever fish may like to watch on television is not immediately easy. Most fish that like watching TV will have preferences based on the programs their owners like to tune to daily.

As it is with humans, aquarium fish will also have their favorite stuff on TV if they are accustomed to watching it daily.

One can only establish whatever their fish like watching by observing their reactions to different TV programs. There is no specific program that is common to fish.

However, some individuals claim that their fish prefer to watch undersea videos. It is not easy to prove this point, but it may carry some sense, especially given that underseas are familiar fish territory.

Even then, not all aquarium fish are drawn from large water bodies. Some of them are reared and sold in pet stores and aquaculture farms. Therefore, it may not make sense to introduce the fish to undersea videos because they might like them.

Is it okay to have a fish tank near the TV?

There is no problem with putting a fish tank near a TV as long as the fish are not bothered by the light or sound. However, it is critical to ensure there is no possibility of water splashing into the TV set.
Short-circuiting may occur, and the risk of electrocution is also high with a fish tank near the TV. The risks are higher in uncovered aquariums and are some of the reasons fish die.

Some people sometimes prefer to keep their aquariums under the TV. It is okay as long as all the safety precautions are taken. The precautions safeguard the fish from possible harm, the TV set, and the entire house.
Some fish are energetic and may get excited by whatever they see on TV. They might want to jump out of the tank, which is dangerous.

Which fish breeds like watching TV?

Most goldfish owners report that their fish enjoy watching TV, and each time they turn on their televisions, the fish become jovial and stay fixed on the screens.

Do betta fish watch TV?

Some betta fish appear to enjoy leisure activities such as watching television or listening to music. Some beta owners claim that their beta fish “dance” whenever and everywhere they watch videos on their televisions.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell whether the betta fish appreciate the displays or are merely dazzled by the TV screens’ continual movement and color changes.

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