I’m Tim Davis Gardner, an avid fish enthusiast who believes that fishkeeping is not just a hobby but a lifestyle that fosters a deeper appreciation for nature and its wonders. It’s a great motive for writing and publishing insightful fish care guides on fishparlor.

I was born and brough up in Atlanta Georgia, but my parents relocated to Durham, North Carolina where I studied Environmental Science at the Duke University. I’m currently undertaking Marine Biology program at the University of Carolina Beaufort campus.

I have spent countless hours studying the behavior and needs of various aquatic species, including snails and fish like guppies, bettas, koi, loaches, and tetras. This has equiped me with vast knowledge in helping others create and maintain healthy fish communities, be it in aquariums or ponds.

In addition to my passion for the beautiful and diverse world of aquatic life, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. I always visit the driftwood beach in Georgia to rekindle the beautiful memories I had in my childhood.

Whether you are a seasoned fish keeper or a beginner looking to start your fish-keeping journey, our expertise and passion for the hobby will undoubtedly guide you toward success. You can also connect with us on Instagram and Pinterest.

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